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Restavek Freedom Foundation:

RFF's Transitional Home is in the middle of the worst devastation. When you donate you are helping provide food, water and shelter to Haitians whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Matthew! We have been serving for many years in the community of Port Salut, which is only 20 miles from where the eye of the hurricane landed in Haiti. We are committed to staying in this community far after the hurricane is a distant memory, as we work to ensure every child is free. Please consider donating today to help with our hurricane relief efforts. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000.

For complete instructions go to:

Haiti Partners:

After assessing losses in the communities where we serve, Haiti Partners will respond to Hurricane Matthew through:

Small grants to help the families of staff, school students, and Micah Scholars who suffered significant losses in the hurricane. They need help primarily with home repair, buying seeds for crops that were ruined, and to secure safe drinking water.

Small grants to help families who weren’t hit directly by the worst of the hurricane, but suffered from this storm because their homes are inadequate or were never properly rebuilt after the 2010 earthquake, leaving them particularly vulnerable to bad weather

Please consider donating using the following link:

Beyond Borders:

Are you willing to help one family? We want to accompany the 100 hardest-hit families that have the least ability to recover on their own, especially vulnerable families with young children. As of today, we have funds for 67 out of 100 families. You can sponsor a family’s full recovery on the island of

Lagonav with a monthly pledge or one-time gift to Beyond Borders Hurricane Matthew response effort. You'll be supporting the implementation of a relief program proven to produce measurable results that will help families fully recover. The cost per family per month is $100. For a one-time donation of $1,800, an entire family’s direction in life will be transformed in 18 months, taking them from being destitute and dependent to having dignity and independence.

Please use the following link for directions on donating: 


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