What is tithing?

A tithe—which just means “tenth”—is defined as the first 10% of a person’s income that is to be given back to the local church. Tithing is a principle that is taught throughout the entire Bible. When we tithe, we are expressing worship in a tangible way by putting God first in our lives. Bringing our tithes is an opportunity for us to give God our thanks, show God we trust Him, and fight against greed in our hearts...all while allowing us to be a part of the most important work in life that is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Weekly Gifts

Checks or Cash are received during the Sunday Offering.

Bill Pay

You may set up Calvary Church in your bill payment accounts through your local banking institution. This allows you to be in complete control of how often money is mailed to Calvary, on what day, and in what amount. You can set this up through your banking institution’s web site, or call them for more information.

Payments should be issued to: Calvary Church, 400 Beeline Rd., Holland, MI 49424.

Stock Gifts

Donate stock that’s appreciated in value. This is a win-win, tax wise move. You won’t have to pay capital gain taxes on the profits, and the full value of the stock can be deducted as a charitable donation to Calvary. Consult with your financial adviser, then contact Tammy Nelson to complete the gift transfer.

Online Giving

  • Enjoy knowing you are giving faithfully without having to remember your checkbook each weekend. Through our online giving system, you can debit your account weekly or monthly for the amount you designate. Learn more here.
  • Online giving is provided for your convenience and as a way to facilitate faithful stewardship of the financial resources God has blessed you with. Two things to note: Making an electronic check contribution is much less expensive for the church than using a debit/credit card. We do not endorse going into debt to give to the church, so we ask that credit cards be used responsibly.
  • We do not accept monies directed toward specific ministries or non-approved funds unless pre-approved by the Governing Board.

Amazon Smile

Calvary is now registered with AmazonSmile. Just type “AmazonSmile” into the search bar on Amazon.com and you will be able to change or select Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Holland, MI as your charitable organization. Calvary will receive .5% of eligible AmazonSmile purchases. Questions? Contact Tammy Nelson at tnelson@calvarycrc.org.

Year to Date

Ministry Fund Received Surplus/-Deficit
January, 2017 $1,042,347.37 $-40,377.24

Monthly Updates

Ministry Fund Received Needed Surplus/<br>(-Deficit)
Jan 2017 $124,276.14 $174,626.55 $-50,350.41
Dec 2016 $233,985.76 $139,701.24 $94,284.52
Nov 2016 $143,343.02 $139,701.24 $3,641.78
Oct 2016 $153,112.00 $174,627.00 $-21,515.00
Sep 2016 $135,277.39 $139,701.20 $-4,423.81
Aug 2016 $123,999.70 $139,701.24 $-15,701.54
Jul 2016 $128,353.66 $174,626.55 $-46,272.89
Jun 2016 $118,757.00 $136,936.00 $-18,179.00
May 2016 $173,427.92 $171,169.40 $2,258.52
Apr 2016 $133,462.63 $136,935.52 $-3,472.89
Mar 2016 $131,200.00 $136,936.00 $-5,736.00
Feb 2016 $115,771.49 $136,935.52 $-21,164.03