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Friday Haiti Team Update

Just got to airport in PAP. Our plane leaves here at 1:30 for Miami then Dallas then GR.
We said prayer over Joan and Ray Conn. They are inspirational leaders, bringing change to Haiti.
One team member said this morning that he thought through our partners: Haiti Partners, Pastor Bilda'ss school, and RFF God might be raising up the next President of Haiti. WOW!!

Wednesday Haiti Update

As a member of Calvary Church i had heard many stories about Haiti. I have also heard about the organizations that we support. Hearing about Haiti is good. But now I am actually hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and feeling Haiti!  Wow, my senses are overloaded! I hear the Creole language, the roasters, the horns blowing…I taste the different foods (we just had pumpkin soup for breakfast)…there is so much more…

Tuesday Haiti Update


Today was our work day as we are at the Trans House in Port Salut with Restavek Freedom. The team primed all the walls inside the first floor as well as part of the wall surrounding the house. A group went to do some food distribution to a community in the mountains. There is hunger here. The food distribution did not go as planned so another one is planned for tomoorow. It was a very interesting experience, ask Julie Bolling or Mary Kircher or Katherine Baas about it sometime.


Saturday Haiti Update


Today was a great day!

Pastor Bilda took us to Saintard where his church and school is located.

We were able to see the progress at the school with the school expanding to start 7th grade - 12th grade.

Bilda and some staff talked with us about the vision for the school. The teachers from the teacher summit packed 4 suitcases with games and other activities for the school. They were very much appreciated and we had fun showing the teachers how to use the items.