LOVE these numbers!

I wanted to share this with as many people as possible because its so exciting! This is part of a 3 month report I received from Pastor Bilda who is the Director of the Bible League in Haiti. God continues to do great things through this organization.

Remember this is only for 3 months!


1,633 adults completed training to be evangelists.

16,816 adults completed bible studies

9,364 adults completed discipleship studies

50 Jobs Created

50 jobs have been created through Calvary's Global Missions. Calvary emphasizes education as well as job creation in the regions of the world we are working because, Education without Employment doesn't improve people's lives!

Here is the breakdown:

Haiti,Art Dealer,1FT job

Haiti,Construction Supply Store,2 FT jobs,2 PT jobs

Haiti,Feed Distributor, 1 FT

Haiti, Plaintains, 20 PT

Zambia,Sewing Factory 15 FT

Zambia,Poultry, 3 FT

How will a coffee processing center help farmers in Honduras?


Calvary funded a coffee processing center in LaUnion,Honduras which will allow the small-scale farmers to process their coffee. This has previously been unavailable to them because of their lack of capital to build their own processing equipment. The center will allow them access to international coffee markets as well and the center will provide training on quality improvement, processing, environmental protection and the making and use of organic fertilizers.