Mission Trip Day 4

I came on this mission trip to serve in Green Bay. God sent me on this mission trip for a reason. I felt God calling me to serve in Green Bay. While I was here in Green Bay, it was really fun. I got to make a lot of new friends. One of those friends names is Caleb. We helped out at Golden House together. While we were there, we helped set things up for little kids. Some of these kids had parents and some of them didn't have parents. Caleb made some delicious cookies!

Mission Trip Day 3

Waking up bright and early today, we had a great breakfast. After devotions, we got the chance to head out to our service sites as the "Mighty Montereys". Our crew arrived at the Freedom House (a place for homeless families), and got to prepare lunch for hungry families. We also did some dirty work and cleaned showers, washed dishes, and sorted rags. Afterwards, we chomped on our lunches we had prepared that morning. After hanging out and talking with each other, we headed over to the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Mission Trip Day 2

Today we woke up at 6:45 and headed to the kitchen at 7:00 because the "super swiss" crew was on breakfest duty. We prepared waffles, sasuge and ceral along with that we had to set out all the stuff to pack our luches for the day. After breakfest and making our lunches we headed up stairs for a individual 30 min. devotion time. Soon after devotions we got into our work crews and headed off to our sites.

Mission Trip Day 1

Today, our group headed to two different spots. We first made our way to Paul's Food Pantry. Our job was to sort food that was donated into the correct boxes. At first we had no idea what we were doing. As the day went on, we got better and better. We began sorting faster and more efficiently. We worked together and went through boxes and boxes of food. As could really see how this organization helped the community. People really relied on Paul's Food Pantry to give them what they needed. We met people who had been working there for years serving those around them. 

I Am Women - a prayer

I am woman.

I am created in the image of the living God.

God did not make a mistake by making me a woman.

I am intricately designed, crafted, and woven together to be completely woman.

I am Committed to living out the distinct calling that God has placed on my life.

I am Humbled by the Grace, and compassion that God gives me through Jesus.

I am Compelled to listen to my story and the stories of others.

I am Determined to celebrate and not compete with the women God has placed in my life.

New York Times states global extreme poverty has fallen!

In a March 6 New York Times article, Annie Lowrey reports a World Bank report shows a broad reduction in extreme poverty - and indicates that the global recession, contrary to economists' expectations, did not increase poverty in the developing world.

The report shows that for the first time the proportion of people living in extreme poverty - on less than $1.25 a day - fell in every developing region from 2005 to 2008. The biggest recession since the Great Depression seems not to have thrown that trend off course, preliminary data fromj2010 indicate.

Life of a LIFEgroup

Almost 8 years ago my wife and I got married, became members at Calvary and joined a LIFEgroup.  All of the above have been incredible blessings in my fact it is very difficult to think of my life outside any of those parameters.  In the past month I have had the opportunity to give some new leadership to LIFEgroups at Calvary and get a pulse for the overall health and trajectory of our small group communities.  In that process I have bumped into LIFEgroups in many different situations and wondered if there was a way to map out what I was discovering and learning.  For what its wo

LOVE these numbers!

I wanted to share this with as many people as possible because its so exciting! This is part of a 3 month report I received from Pastor Bilda who is the Director of the Bible League in Haiti. God continues to do great things through this organization.

Remember this is only for 3 months!


1,633 adults completed training to be evangelists.

16,816 adults completed bible studies

9,364 adults completed discipleship studies