Membership Covenant

  • I promise together with the people of Calvary Church to carry out our mission of Loving People Toward God. I promise along with the help of the Holy Spirit to carry out our job description of seeking, shaping, serving, supporting and celebrating as articulated by the following statements:
  • I promise to look for opportunities to impact the lives of those around me who do not know Christ as their Savior.
  • I promise to live a lifestyle that honors God’s will for my life as found in His Word and I promise to seek His will through daily spiritual disciplines.
  • I promise to serve others in need within our community and world.
  • I promise to intentionally build meaningful relationships within God’s family at Calvary, refusing to be an isolated spectator.  I will also do my part to love and care for others in the Calvary community.
  • I promise to join the Calvary community regularly in worship and to promote a grace-filled environment that encourages honesty and authenticity.